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boy names african swahili is the largest and ultimate collection of swahili names and meaning of boys and girls. Countries with the Greatest Swahili Influence. . Jimbo. You can always choose between the two names to make sure that your child is named after their impressive looks. Akan name. Akan name. Our database of names is created by real name experts with a great passion for onomastics, the study of names. Page 2 - Huge List of Swahili Baby Names from Kenya! Being patient is a quality every child should inherit and develop as a human being. See also Omarr. Azizi is a boy name with a Swahili origin. Swahili names for baby girls can be surprisingly beautiful, like Aailyah or Inaya. The strong do not need clubs.—Senegal . This vast database of Swahili names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. Please use this up to date list of Swahili name as a reference to name your kid/child. The order of birth, emotional connotations, and ancestral titles are also the basis on which Kenyan parent… Amare. Find these and other Swahili names on the extensive list brought to you by The Bump. Discover loads of unique African Boy Names and lists... Find a carefully researched & assembled directory of thousands of baby names and naming lists. If you don’t discover a name you like, please review the 5,508 names in The African Book of Names or try our African Name Generator. You might even know a warthog as pumba, just like the Lion King. Variant of Hassan. Considered edgy and unique, Swahili names have periodically experienced spikes of popularity, such as when American Basketball star LeBron James named his daughter Zhuri, which is a spelling variation of Zuri, meaning ‘beautiful’. See also Koby. Jabari (#848) and Omari (#471) are two of the more trendy boy names in this list, while Koja (TOP 85%) and Barrack (22%) are popular last names. African baby names and what they mean, for african, swahili, akan, ghanaian, with 23 results. Sadiki and Sadeeki are rarely adopted as children's names. Kojo "Born on Monday." of Swahili "Coast people." (If you would like to suggest one or more categories for the name, click here).We have plenty of different baby name categories to search for special meanings plus popular and unique names, search our database before choosing but also note that … Swahili names are somewhat popular baby names for boys. Outside Top 2000. See also Faraj. See also Swahili Names and African Names for more information about Swahili baby names and African baby names. Kwasi "Born on Sunday." The meanings tend to focus on either personal qualities or social status in the community. All rights reserved. Jasiri. To others, it’s the environment or circumstances at play during the process of birth. This is tru e for both boy and girl children. Obama is not in the Top 2000. It is by no means an exhaustive list of countries with Swahili influence. Enjoy this list of strong names.. Here you can deluge yourself with the distinctive list of South African names. If you’ve been on safari you might already know a tembo from a kiboko. The list of Swahili names is endless. Kwame▼ "Born on Saturday." Also used for girls. Swahili names are somewhat popular baby names for boys. The Naming-Day Ceremony T,.e Namfog-Day ceremony ;s held seve,i to te,i days following th e birth of th e African child. Akan name. Obama "Crooked, somewhat bent." Name Mosi Categories. Made famous by American President Barack .. Omari▲ "God the highest." To some, it’s the time of the day that they were born. From the Luo tribe on the shores of Lake Victoria, Akinyi is a girls name meaning “one who … Get inspiration for baby names with our most popular Swahili boy names that are trending now. Copyright © 2009-2020 Baby Names Pedia Nuru "Born at night." This name actually derives from a basketball player of African descent who played in the … Just browse the modern African babies names shortlist African name from a-z alphabetic order and get the African baby name of your choice. Abasi or Abasea (ah-bas-ee) - "stern". is the largest and ultimate collection of african names and meaning of boys and girls. In 2018, within all Swahili names, the Arabic and Swahili Yusuf was the most commonly used, with a ranking of #567 and a usage of 0.0251%. Chiku. Swahili is a language spoken by tens of millions of people living in East and Southeast Africa, and it's the official language of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Umi and Umee are not in the Top 2000. Considered edgy and unique, Swahili names have periodically experienced spikes of popularity, such as when American Basketball star LeBron James named his daughter Zhuri, which is a spelling variation of Zuri, meaning ‘beautiful’. about | terms of use | privacy policy ASHA (2) fEastern African, Swahili. Swahili words have far more meaning than the equivalent words in English. Akinyi. You can pick up the best African names of your choices along with meaning, popularity, numerology, comments and many more. Fante name. Tau "Lion." Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 2018, except for names such as Kwame which have become less fashionable. Barack "Lightning; blessing." Hasani and Hasan became less popular last year, dropping on average -41 rankings as boys' names with Hasan dropping the most. Common, with usage of 0.034% for Omari as a boys' name in 2018, higher than 0.031% the year before. Another name for beauty in Swahili is Zuri (girl). Umi "Life." A frican baby names and what they mean, for african, swahili, akan, ghanaian, with 23 results. These Swahili male namesare a mix of common and uncommonly used names for boys. Fahari. For in our comnumity , eve ry new child is fully welcome (Ind no distinctions of in eq uality exi:st (IL birth. Get inspiration for baby names with our most popular African boy names that are trending now. Jengo. Jabari became more trendy in 2018, gaining +93 positions as a boys' name to reach #848. Much like The African Book of Names, takes a unique approach to names by focusing on meaning while still working to maintain the integrity of sound, region, and … Nairobi Place name .. Nairobi is unusual as a men's name. Save List Open list in full view. View the latest boy and girl Swahili names at Mom365. Scarce as a birth name, Tau is used more commonly as a last name. Gender-neutral name. THE BOOK OF AFRICAN NAMES . Faizah. We take pride in bringing you the most comprehensive baby name website, because we know that only the best will do for your baby. Kofi and Afi are not often adopted as boys' names. View the latest boy and girl African names at Mom365. Simba "Lion." Summary Index of names [and variants] for African names for boys. Swahili Boy Names (A-Z List) Sign in to my list | My Name List + Add name Download list. A list of Popular Swahili Names, Top 100 Swahili Names for Boys and Girls. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Unisex name. Farnji and Farraji are creative variations. Kibo Place name .. Rare as a baby name, but Kibo is comparable to the more popular Kobe. It’s fun to learn the animal names in Swahili, especially if you are planning an African safari. At the modest height of their usage in 2018, 0.036% of baby boys were given Swahili names. See also Sahil. Among these are Jamal (boy) and Hasani (boy). Swahili Baby Boy Names with Meaning 1. The name Mosi is in the following categories: African Names, Kenyan Names, Swahili Names, Tanzanian Names, Unisex Names. Bahari (ba-ha-ree) - "ocean". Biblical .. Faraji "Consolation." Your baby boy is your precious jewel, so why not name him Azizi... 2. Some of the common Swahili names for boys include Azizi, Ayubu, Abedi, Jamal, Jabali, Rashid, Kamari, Hodari, Issa, and others. Countries with the most influence include Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, and Rwanda. This information is developed to primarily serve as a reference. Means "life" in Swahili, related to AISHA. A language used in east Africa. Azizi. Name of the lion hero in .. Var. The names have been increasing in popularity since the 2010s. Activist Kwasi Mfume. Several Swahili baby names mean or imply beauty at its best. African Names African baby names (which include Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Arabic names) are beautiful, exotic, and full of meaning—think Barack (Swahili for “blessing”) or … - Discover NEW Database with 1000s of cute & popular baby names, traditional, unique, modern and rare names in … See also Sima. Not in Top 2000. Osei was not a Top birth name in 2018. Jabari▲ "Valiant." Hasani "Good-looking, handsome." Swahili names for baby boys include strong choices like Asani and Enzi. Boys Names A to Z - Baby Boy Name - Meanings; Currently we have 103 Boys Names Beginning with letter B in our African collection Jamala. Invite friends to vote on your list using & email. Here is the list of African names for girls. Samba is a somewhat popular birth name. Osei "Noble or honorable." Akida male means “chief, officer, or one who is determined and diplomatic” Ayubu. Not in Top 2000. Jela. Here is the list of African names for gir .. one of the greatest African statesmen. A collection of Swahili Boy Names, Popular and Unique Swahili Boy Names.

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